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At BullyStickDirect.com we pride ourselves in having the best quality chew products for your dog. We specialize in Bully Sticks, Antler Dog Chews, Pig Ears, Cow Ears, Trachea and More. Our products have No additives and No preservatives and are of the best quality.

Our Bully Sticks and other meat products are baked in controlled drying ovens. They are inspected by the USDA and the FDA prior to arriving at our facility. We do not use beef that have received antibiotics or growth hormones. Our antlers are sourced from the wild that have been naturally shed.

Antlered animals such as deer and elk shed their antlers every year in the early Spring. They grow new sets each year. These shed antlers are then collected in the wild by shed hunters, ranch hands or other people that stumble across them. These antlers are cut into pieces and used as a dog treat.

Shop with confidence and know that our Bully Sticks, Antler Chews and other chew products are of the highest quality to satisfy your dog. We sell Wholesale to retailers and distributors across the country.
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